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The Hambantota Province has many under-privileged schools that lack the basic essential resources required. Many schools do not have the resources needed that is normally part of daily school life. Due to the lack of resources in these rural schools the opportunity to develop skills are limited to many students. Teachers require help to be self motivated and develop their own teaching skills so that they can inspire students. Therefore teacher training workshops are required to enable and empower teachers. All subjects are taught in local Singhalese language. The demand for English language skills is high and all students have to sit for the O’level English exam as it is compulsory. The value of English is more relevant for students who desire to pursue professional careers. Interested guests can make a real contribution in this area by sharing your skills in interactive teaching. The area is an important environmental region containing many national parks and sanctuaries where high level of bio-diversity exists. Therefore it is an ideal location base for foreign skilled people to engage in worthwhile projects that support rural people.

Teacher Voluntary Work Program – Proposed Projects

There are several local schools that the resort has been working with over the last few years. The demand for basic spoken and written English skills is much sought after in these rural areas. Teachers can be directly involved to inspire and motive students with novel teaching methods. English skills are essential for any person desiring to pursue higher studies or people who like to get a professional job. Teachers who have the ability to teach practical transferable skills using the English language is highly valued.
Teacher trainers are most welcome to join this voluntary work program. Local schools are desperately looking to work with foreign teachers who are willing to share your creative talents and skills to help improve and develop teaching methods in rural school with limited and basic resources. Interactive group discussion sessions would be helpful as methods used are traditional. A variety of local schools are available, ranging from nursery age to high school grades.
Teachers can choose what grade and age group students they wish to be involved with. Local school starts from 7.30am until 1.30pm. It is expected that volunteer teachers would be attending the school of their choice from 8.30am until 1.30pm. This allows volunteers to have breakfast and give plenty of time to travel to the rural school areas. Volunteer teachers who like to be involved with teacher training workshops would have to be flexible with the time as they will have to work with the local teachers and their availability of time. It is most likely these workshops will have to be done after school hours or during weekend. The workshop duration will depend on the schedule expected to be covered by volunteer teacher. Volunteers should use basic resources to do teacher training workshop as most local schools use black board & chalk. Workshops must provide unique ideas to teachers that they can easily implement and use in class.
Accommodation will be based at the tourist hotel known as “Kirinda Beach Resort”. The volunteer teachers will be given a standard en-suite guest room on twin sharing basis. The cost for each volunteer teachers will be given at a substantial reduced rate of US $50 per day including meals as part of the CSR support work done by KBR. The meals will be typical Sri Lankan food with staple rice and curry meal at lunchtime. Breakfast will be on a rotational basis of both English and Sri-Lankan style menu. Dinner will also be a combination of Sri Lankan and some Western dishes depending on the volume of tourist guest business in resort on the day. Transport can at times be provided for teachers to be dropped off and picked up from the school depending on the resort vehicle schedule on the day. However volunteer teachers should be able to pay for their own transport to and from the school. Any qualified teacher or skilled person who has the ability to teach can participate in this voluntary teacher work program. Any interest individual can contact the hotel owner Patricia Parkin by email about this project.

  • Providing range of educational posters for all subject matters stimulating learning for all.
  • Providing range of Art & Craft Resources from paints & brushes to clay & art canvasses.
  • Providing range of board games to entertain and teach students variety of skills.
  • Provide Singhala Language text books for variety of subjects and English reading books.
  • Provide all type of stationery, mathematical equipment & scientific equipment resources.
  • Provide individual back packs for students with stationery and exercise writing books.
  • Provide local school uniform material, tailoring costs and shoes for individual students.
  • Provide white boards together with white boards pens and white board erasers.
  • Provide book cases and cupboards to store books for library use in school office area.
  • Providing range of sporting equipment from cricket bat, cricket balls and stumps to Badminton rackets with net and shuttle cocks, volley ball & net, football & net, Basketball & hoop, netball & hoop, hockey sticks & ball and skipping ropes.
  • Providing range of Musical Instruments from small basic items like Tambourine and Flute to the more larger expensive items of Guitar, Keyboard, Drum Set and Piano.
  • Provide school desks and chairs for use by students of all age groups. These will be either individual units or bench style depending on needs (built by local carpenters)
  • Providing range of gardening equipment and plant varieties to create a model garden in schools to use for science knowledge and expand green spaces for recreational usage.
  • Sponsor school safari Trip by grades so that children can appreciate and value the local wildlife living in the National parks in the local area. These children have never visited the parks and they can gain interactive knowledge of biological systems and biodiversity.
  • Donate for a tree replanting programme along coastline to provide habitat for species whilst providing income for local community projects. Eg: Coconut plants helps protect against coastal erosion and the produce can be sold in the local market to raise funds to maintain coastal areas and provide protection to species whilst providing plucking jobs.
  • Providing range of English & Sinhala newspapers, to be used by all secondary school students during school hours. The local community residents can view and read these papers after school hours. This project has an educational component for all age groups as it increase the general knowledge and current affairs of the local people. Most rural areas have no access to local newspapers and are unaware of current affairs in country.
  • Provide donations to purchase regular educational magazine to supplement text books.
  • Donate reading books, colouring books and toys to give to individual poor children.
  • Donate to employ local people as turtle security guards to prevent turtle egg poaching.
  • Provide TV & DVD Player for schools to use for variety of educational subject purposes. (schools with electricity)
  • Providing Computer Equipment and Computer Accessories like printers and speakers.(This will only be beneficial for school that have electricity and telephone connection). Then computer technology can be fully utilised including internet access for education.
  • These are a selection of ideas that any of you may wish to support. The needs of the local schools in this area are varied and some schools require construction of toilets and library. However, these projects are requiring more funding. If you wish to discuss about these larger construction type projects then please discuss your ideas by sending email request or talk with the manager. If you wish to make a positive difference in somebody else’s life then you may wish to consider supporting any of the above mentioned proposed ideas. God has blessed you so why not be a blessing to others & make a change in the world by touching lives. Detailed costing of these items mentioned for supporting any of these projects can be discussed. Most of the smaller project ideas can be supported from as little as Rs 2,000 to Rs 10,000. If you are interested to support any of the local proposed projects then please feel free to discuss the donation options available with the hotel management staff.

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