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Weerawila Bird Sanctuary

Weerawila is a birder’s delight. Its tropical climate and relative isolation is responsible for the amazingly diverse bird life that attracts more than 400 species. Almost 200 migrant species descend on the country having flown south for the winter. Some, like the sandpipers and plovers, come from as far north as the arctic tundra. Within a two-week trip you can easily see all 33 endemic birds along with at least 200 species.

Rekawa Lagoon & Turtle Conservation

Rakawa is a seaside rural community engaged in fisheries and agriculture. Its long sandy beach and mangrove skirted lagoon gives it a rustic beauty. There is high local biodiversity as, in addition to mangrove forest, the local vegetation consists of scrub jungle, medicinal plants, and fruit trees. Also a wide variety of wildlife, including mammals, reptiles, 150 resident and migratory bird species, and many arthropods and aquatic creatures can be seen here.Millions of years before man colonized Sri Lanka, sea turtles were coming to the undisturbed beaches of this Island to lay their eggs. The beach near Rakawa is one of Sri Lanka’s most important marine turtle nesting sites where five of the world’s seven species of marine turtle come ashore to nest throughout the year. All five species of turtles that nest in Sri Lanka are either endangered or critically endangered. Amongst them is the Leatherback turtle, the largest of all the sea turtles, which can grow up to 3 meters in length and weighs up to 600 kg. It is at Rakawa beach that the Turtle Conservation Project (TCP) has established an “in situ” nest protection and research programme, allowing the protection of nests where they are laid by the female turtle and for the hatchlings to scramble down to the ocean immediately after emergence from the nest.

Sooriyawewaa Sports Stadium

Mahinda Rajapaksa International Cricket Stadium is a cricket stadium in Hambantota, Sri Lanka. It was built for the 2011 Cricket World Cup and hosted two matches, the first being Sri Lanka against Canada, on 20 February 2011. The stadium has a capacity of 35,000 people.The proposal for a new International Cricket Stadium at Sooriyawewa was part of the government’s programme to develop sports in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka as part of the government’s plan to transform Hambantota into the second major urban hub of Sri Lanka, away from Colombo.

Madunagala Hot Springs

Laying in a wide expanse of open country, Madunagala Hot Springs is a wonderful creation of nature in all its natural beauty. Historically, these hot springs flowed into a natural water hole. Recently they have been renovated and attractive stone tanks and basins have been created.Here, the hot water bubbles into the ponds and mixes with cooler water there. Warm water flows smoothly into the surrounding basins where visitors can enjoy the soothing mineral water. Changing rooms, western toilets and small shops with snacks and beverages are close by. Special indigenous ayurvedic drinks such as “Belimal” and “Ranawara” are local treats worth trying.

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