Activities near KBR

Local Traditional Fishing

Alternatively guests may wish to experience fishing in local traditional boats and smaller less equipped vessels. The smaller fishing boats are the ones used for the dolphin watching trips located at Kirinda Harbour. The resort staff can make the necessary arrangements, but the resort management will not take any responsibility for this excursion trip, since the local fishing boats have limited safety equipment and fisherman have poor English language skills. Fishing nets, used by local people can also be used on the beach or by the river to catch small species of fish.

Adventure Catarman Fishing

The option is also available for guests who are more adventurous to try out traditional style fishing in catamaran boats. This type of fishing is challenging and physically difficult, depending on the sea conditions. This catamaran fishing trip can only take a maximum of two guests. The structure of a catamaran boat is much narrower than most boats. Therefore it is advised that only guests who are physically fit and have a lean body type undertake this activity. This is high risk adventure activity and the management will not be held responsible for any aspect of these trips.

Rock Climbing

There are many boulders that can be climbed to find a quiet reading or reflective spot. Boulder are a great place to observe turtles in the ocean below or even for fishing from the rocks. Many small species of marine creature that live in the rock crevices like crabs are frequently seen. However, care should be taken to choose safe boulder areas as some boulders do get covered by waves when wind increases. Therefore there is risk of being washed off the rocks into the sea. Guests should be sensible when choosing what rocks to climb. The resort will not be held accountable for any accidents.

Rural Village Trips

Excursion trip can be arranged for guests who wish to have an authentic rural village experience in a local home. This will include travel by walking through rural wildlife areas and being actively involved in cooking and sampling local foods. Guests can experience the local rural village life in a normal home and get to know the local plants & ingredients. Guests can also learn local recipes and learn to cook on open firewood stoves. They will eat local food in a traditional way as this is meant to be a lunchtime activity. Separate charges will apply and activity is done between 11:30 am to 2:00 pm. Guests can do this activity and still be free to go on any planned afternoon safari’s that leave resort at 2.30pm.Home chosen is a widows, who has financial hardship to make a living & income.


Guests can use the few resort bikes available to cycle around the nearby area where they can observe rural village life and encounter a variety of wildlife during their journey. The rural roads are not congested. Guests can have a relaxed cycling experience since many of villagers use this mode of transport for their own needs. Guests will see wildlife on route and observe rural village life.

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