Activities near KBR

The great location of the resort enables guests to freely explore their adventurous spirit by engaging in activities they would not normally be exposed to. The resort offers guests the opportunity to attempt new experiences and encourages them to participate.Other interesting activities that can be arranged include wildlife safari, special excursion trips to experience rural village life or to do fishing in traditional boats using traditional methods or deep sea sports fishing on catch and release concept.Please scroll down to discover the various types of activities that can be experienced during your stay at KBR.Please email us at for extra details on any area of interest.

Safari Trips

Experience the excitement of encountering a variety of wildlife species ranging from the small and beautiful butterflies and birds to the large and charismatic mammals like Leopards, Bears and Elephants. The parks that are closest to the resort include famous Yala & Bundala National Parks. Guests should appreciate that the parks are very different in its habitat types. Yala is thick jungle scrub home to a wide variety of species and it is most famous for its large mammal sightings. Yala does have a high concentration of Leopards and Sloth Bear can be seen at times especially during the Palu fruit season in May and June. Bundala is a quieter park to Yala but is a wetland habitat important for resident and migratory bird species. Migration season is from October to March.The other parks that are within reasonable traveling distance from the resort are Lunugamvehera & Udawalawe Lunugamvehera is a mixed forest habitat which is small in size and very quiet compared to the other major parks. Udawalawe Park comprises mostly of thick long grassland habitat most famous for viewing large Elephant groups. Morning safari leaves at 5.30am and afternoon trip leaves after lunch about 2.15pm. Half or full safari trips can be arranged if required especially if you’re a free independent traveller not touring with any travel agents. Breakfast and lunch packs can be given for guests on full day trip. Please email us for details. In addition to the parks there are also many bird sanctuary sites within close distance. This includes Weerawila bird sanctuary & Tissamaharama bird lake.

Bird Watching

This can be done in both national parks of Yala & Bundala. Bundala Park is a RAMSAR wetland habitat which is a famous bird migratory site, especially from October to March. Birds can also be seen at the lesser known Lunugamwera National Park which is a forested habitat different to Yala & Bundala. However, there are many bird viewing sanctuaries in the vicinity around the areas of Kirinda, Tissamaharama and Weerawila.Guests can freely explore these areas by vehicle, cycling or hiking around to discover the diversity of bird species to be found in these local areas containing a variety of habitat types.

Turtle Watching

Turtles are often seen close to the beach shore by the large rock boulders during the daytime. They can be seen coming up for breadth if you look to the water surface from the rocks close to the river. Turtles frequently come to lay eggs along this undisturbed coast land stretch. Some guests have been fortunate to see this incredible event and taken photographs of their encounter close to the resort. Guests should not disturb wildlife. Kirinda Beach Resort would like to have support to initiate a proper turtle conservation program in this sensitive ecological area as turtle egg poaching does takes place in this region.

Sea Bathing

The sea conditions change continuously during the months as well as during the day. The calmer seas conditions are between October to June. Depending on the strength and direction of the wind, the seas condition can be calmer either in the morning or in afternoon hours. This changes daily. There are several areas were safe sea bathing can be done during the year especially where shelter & natural protection is provided by the large boulders. Guests should note there is no lifeguard on duty in this area. Within 5 – 7 mins walk from resort there is river tributary that joins the sea. This area is also good for sea bathing where fresh & salt water mix. It is buffered by big boulders providing a mini sheltered bay area which is calm for bathing. Guests are expected to be sensible and responsible for their own safety and not take unnecessary risks.

Beach Hiking

There are many opportunities for guests to walk along the pristine beach without being hassled or disturbed by anybody. Kirinda beach area is still relatively semi remote and underdeveloped. There are two contrasting beaches that are spectacular to photograph and experience personally. The nearest beach is found on the door step to the resort containing many dramatic large boulders that provide sheltered calm bathing areas. The other contrasting beach is about 10 – 15 minutes walk from resort crossing a river stream and climbing over rocks. The adventurous walk is truly worthwhile as guests can get a panoramic landscape coastal view of the local undisturbed area close to resort. Guests who have done this hike will discover endless stretch of wide expanse undisturbed beach with high sand dunes which carry on for kilo meters towards Bundala Park. The ocean current and wind factors differ on this side compared to the resort side beach and its lacks of beach boulders gives dramatic sunset photographic images. Kirinda is one of the few places where both sunrise & sunset can be observed and photographed.

Sports Fishing (Conducted by Expert Operator- Gamefishing)

Special excursion trips can be arranged for guests who want to participate in deep sea sports fishing. This novel activity is conducted by professional fishing experts based in Kirinda Harbour. They operate their fishing principles on a catch & release basis. Gamefishing provides this activity in the Kirinda area from November to April but will be dependent on sea conditions. Gamefishing boats are equipped with all the safety and fishing equipment and they can carry a maximum of 4 people per boat. This activity can provide guests with a unique experience that they will remember. Gamefishing provides exclusive service to their clients. Gamefishing also does offer a combination package including fishing, dolphin and whale watching. Any guest interested in making bookings can directly contact them through their website

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