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This is a distinctive beach resort located in Kirinda, well known for its wealth of wildlife diversity and superb beaches. It is located on the extended stretch of beautiful coastline in Kirinda. The beaches are pristine and undisturbed as this is still a semi-remote underdeveloped area, where guests can freely spend time exploring the local area. Guests should respect that this is a major wildlife region and rural village area. Therefore please respect the local culture and the wildlife of the area. Kirinda Beach resort is conveniently and centrally situated to access both major wildlife parks of Yala and Bundala.

Yala is a thick jungle scrub habitat that has high density of mammals and is famous for its frequent leopard sightings. Bundala Park is a wetland ecosystem where many species of birds can be observed. During the months from October to April migratory birds can be seen in Bundala. It is possible for guests to explore the forested park of Lunugamvehera. All three parks are different in their habitat structure and guests can enjoy the contrasting landscapes. Udawalawe Park is a grassland habitat and is the furthest from the resort, about 1 hr. & 15 minutes drive by jeep, with the main attraction being the number of elephant sightings. Safari trips can be arranged either in the early morning or afternoon. Full day trips can also be arranged. Please email us for details.

The resort is constructed with a combination of wood, mud and clay roof tiles. The owner of the resort Patricia Parkin is very passionate about wildlife conservation and education. This passion and theme is evident in the notices displayed in resort and the community CSR projects supported through the resort’s operation. The resort design was inspired from various parts of the world that the owner had travelled to. Great efforts have been additionally made to ensure that benefit is given to the wildlife of the area. Extra trees and habitats have been created to encourage species that are vulnerable. Regular beach cleaning is done by hotel staff as part of owner’s policy. The owner is keen to initiating a genuine turtle conservation project in this area considering that turtle egg poaching does occur. Support is needed from people.

About Us

The concept of the resort is to keep it simple and natural with minimum human disturbance and impact. We show respect for the environment and wildlife through the design of our chalets. Extra efforts have been taken to limit environmental damage to the coastal areas and its vegetation habitat. Additional trees and plants have been grown to provide more areas for wildlife to reside. The owner wants the resort emphasis to be based on eco-concept and sustainable tourism principles.

About 85% of the resorts staff are employed from the local area. The resort provides jobs and skills to rural people that have had little opportunity previously for employment of this nature. The jobs given at the resort do make a valuable contribution to rural people’s living standards. The owner sincerely believes that each staff member makes a valuable contribution to the operation of the resort. Some staff are more visible to guests, due to their job position or their level of guest interaction. However, there are many staff that work behind the scenes, which guests do not notice as much but are equally entitled to any tip rewards. Therefore the owner kindly requests that guests consider these facts and reward staff, by placing tips they wish to donate into the tip box which is located in the main office so that tips can be distributed equally to all staff. Guests should understand that the staff are mostly rural village people with limited experience and are reliant on the job for their livelihood.

Guests who choose to stay at this unique beach resort can enjoy both beach & wildlife in an undisturbed natural setting, whilst reducing their environmental impacts and helping local communities. Some guests have decided to be actively involved by participating and supporting our worthwhile community based CSR projects. Guests who have stayed here are totally relaxed by the tranquil environment and it has helped them to revitalize their mind, body and soul. Guests have been amazed by the natural wonder that surrounds us in this region of Sri Lanka. Come and experience a memorable stay in a truly remarkable and peaceful place that is God Blessed.

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